Wooden Spiral

Wooden Spiral is an exciting wood carving game. In the game, you will have to carve out spirals to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line. The game is simple and suitable for all ages and will bring an extremely fun and engaging experience

How to play

In the game, you will press the computer mouse to play. Along the way, there will be logs that you need to carve a spiral shape and throw forward to collect gold coins and overcome obstacles. Obstacles appear like iron saws and saw blades that ask you to let the carving knife touch them and you will lose. The game has many levels with increasing difficulty for you to freely try while playing.

Tips and tricks

  • Train them to observe and have a specific wood carving strategy so they can easily overcome obstacles and win
  • Play more games to improve your woodcarving skills
  • Be careful with the obstacles, kick the spiral at the right time to easily pass

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