Suika Game

Suika Game (Watermelon Game) is a Japanese puzzle game where players must drop fruits and match fruits of the same kind to make them evolve and become larger fruits. The main goal is to reach the highest score and create the biggest Watermelon fruit.

How to play Suika Game

Drop and merge fruits

The game is divided into three parts. On the left side of the board, you can see the upcoming fruits that you must drop. The right side displays the mark of each kind of fruits. And at the center is your playing ground. You must drop fruits and try to make two of the same fruit touch. Once touched, they will combine and become a larger fruit. Try to achieve the highest fruit, which is the Watermelon, and earn the highest possible score.

1. You will start with an empty box.

2. Start the game and left-click to drop a fruit. Its position will be decided depending on where you click or tap on the screen.

3. Try to combine two fruits of the same kind to create a larger fruit.

4. Keep doing that until you reach the biggest fruit. Try not to run out of space. Otherwise, the game is over.

It is important that you drop fruits at the right place. This will make sure that the board won't run out of space.

Different kinds of fruits

The game features various kinds of fruits. Here's a list of fruits and their points.

  • Cherries - 2
  • Strawberry - 4
  • Grapes - 6
  • Dekopon - 8
  • Orange - 10
  • Apple - 12
  • Pear - 14
  • Peach - 16
  • Pineapple - 18
  • Melon - 20
  • Watermelon - 22

Create combos for more points

When you successfully combine two or more fruits at the same time, you will earn a combo. Combos reward a higher score than the score that you get when you merge fruits individually.

Suika Watermelon game is a combination of fruit puzzles and Tetris game! It features colorful fruits and cool mechanics of games like Tetris and 2048!

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