Slice Master

Slice Master is a one-button game where players must flip the knife to slice everything in their way. Cut through as many objects as possible and reach the end with the highest score.

A brief overview of Slice Master game

Slice Master game combines the mechanics of Swing Monkey and Candy Jump game. It's a skill game featuring a knife and various objects. Players must flip the knife and try to chop as many items along the way as possible. If you love the concept of fruit-slicing games, then you will enjoy this game.

How to play Slice Master game

Flip and slice

The game is all about slicing! Players control a slice and flip it in the air then chop every object along the way. The more objects you can slice, the more cash you will earn.

Each level features a different set of objects ranging from fruits, and vegetables, to cakes, other food items, and geometric shapes. And each one presents a challenge that requires your slicing techniques.

Avoid spikes

During your journey, there are pink spikes scattered randomly. You will lose the level right away if you hit these spikes. These spikes may be placed in a specific place or they can even move up and down. So try to flip your knife with precision.

Different targets to hit

At the end of a level, there will be a column of several targets to hit. It can be bonus coins, subtract coins, or bonus level. Try to aim for the bonus one! Avoid the "subtract" or "divide" box. Otherwise, the coins you've earned will be decreased by a large number.

The bonus level target is often placed at the bottom and is difficult to hit. If you can hit this, you can try a new level filled with big items to slice. At this level, you can earn much more coins than at the normal level.

Slice master game guide

Unlock new skins

There are different skins that you can unlock with your coins. For example, the first skin costs 5000 coins. The other ones are more expensive.

The ultimate fruit-slicing adventure

Slice Master features multiple levels with different sets of challenges and objects.

Game Controls

Press the Spacebar or Left-click to flip the knife.

Game Features

  • Simple intuitive controls
  • Multiple levels to test your skills
  • Fantastic slicing adventure
  • Different knife skins to unlock

Game Reviews

This game mainly focuses on slicing objects. I find that it brings a satisfying experience for players. The gameplay is simple and there are also exciting challenges. I think it's a really good game to relieve stress and have fun. 

Some tips to master the game

Practice your timing

Flip your knife and slice through the objects at the right moment. At the early level, try to master the knife movement. Don't worry if you hit a wall or an object. Get up again and try hard. Try not to miss too many items also. Because this will lower your score. This game requires perfect timing and reflexes.

Avoid spikes

Try not to slice the wrong objects like spikes. This will end your game.

Stay calm and focused

The game can get fast-paced and intense. So try to stay calm and focused to make accurate slices.

Aim at the bonus level

The bonus level features more items! And it's a great chance to earn an exponential amount of coins!


How many levels are in Slice Master?

The game features an endless gameplay format. Players will keep slicing through objects and try to get high scores as they progress through the game. The game focuses on earning coins to unlock new knife skins and hit targets for bonuses.

Is slice master free?

You can play it online for free at No download is required.

Get ready to flip and slice your way to the top in the Slice Master game! It’s a game of precision and skills.

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