Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a fruit-slicing game where players must slice fruits with a ninja blade. Try to slice multiple fruits within one swipe to get additional points and avoid bombs at all costs!

How to play Fruit Ninja game

Game goal

Transform into a ninja and feel the taste of the blade in this game! Players are presented with a ninja blade. When you see fruits appear in the screen, swipe your fingers across them to cut them in half.

The goal of the game is to slice as many fruits as you can and earn the highest score!

You only have 3 lives. Missing a fruit will lose you a life. And when you miss 3 fruits, the game is over.

Bombs will appear occasionally in the game, try not to hit any one of them. Because this will end your game instantly.

Earn extra points!

You can earn extra points if you can slice multiple fruits with one single swipe. Take advantage of this and improve your fruit-slicing skills to claim the highest points.

Try different game modes

The game features 3 different game modes:

Zen: No bomb! Players compete for the highest score within one minute and thirty seconds.

Classic: The original version! Slice as many fruits as you can. Avoid bombs!

Arcade: 60 seconds to go! Slice fruits within 60 seconds. You lose 10 points for each bomb slice!


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