Slice It All

Slice It All is another fantastic slicing game where players must slice obstacles with their knives. Get a super sharp knife and flip it to slice whatever on the path.

How to play Slice It All game

Flip the knife and slice

In this game, players are given a knife. The objective is to flip it and cut all kinds of obstacles into pieces. Work your way up to the finish line and get as many scores as you can.

To play, just tap or use your left mouse button to rise and rotate the knife. Timing is important. Make sure that you time the knife flips so that the knife blade can fall onto the objects.

Avoid spikes and gaps

Try not to fall into the gaps or hit small spikes. If your knife drops into any gap, you will lose the game right away. And you have to start from the beginning.

If your knife hits spikes, it will break. So try to stay away from these objects. Watch out because some spikes can hide underneath stacked objects!

Unlock more knives

You can use your earned coins to unlock and purchase new knives.

Game Controls

Tap on the screen or left-click to flip the knife.

Have fun slicing with Slice It All!

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