Traffic Run Puzzle

Traffic Run Puzzle is a fun driving game. In the game, you will have to observe and think of ways to control the car to the finish line safely. On the way, there will be obstacles. Your job is to control the car to pass them safely.

How to play

When playing, press and hold the computer mouse to control the car. On the way there will be obstacles that appear, you need to think of ways to avoid and overcome them safely to reach the finish line. If you collide with obstacles you will lose immediately. After each level, you will receive a certain bonus. This money will help you buy items and upgrade your car. The game has many levels from easy to difficult

Tips and tricks

  • Focus on observing the obstacles around you so you can think of the best way to overcome them safely
  • Play more games to improve your car driving skills
  • Use gloves to collect as much money as possible, it will help you upgrade or buy necessary items

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