Target Hit 3D

Target Hit 3D is an attractive puzzle game. In the game, you will have to focus on observing and thinking about how to catch the arrow to the finish line. Obstacles here will be blocks, which will hinder you from aiming. To win, you need to complete the assigned task but shoot the required number of arrows and you will win.

How to play

When playing, press the computer mouse to control. Each level you will have regulations on the number of arrows hitting the target and the number of arrows you receive. You need to consider carefully because the number of arrows is limited and if you miss too many, you will lose because you cannot complete the mission. Focus on observing surrounding obstacles. Find the best way to catch to limit missed catches. At the same time, when playing, try to collect as many gift boxes as possible. It will help you in upgrading arrows later. The game has many levels from difficult to difficult so you can freely try your hand.

Tips and tricks

  • When playing, you need to focus on carefully observing the obstacles to find the best way to avoid slipping too many times
  • Play more games to improve your puzzle-solving skills and quick reflexes
  • The difficulty of the game will gradually increase with the level, so consider carefully before shooting

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