Sushi Sensei

Sushi Sensei is a sushi slashing game. You will play the role of a talented chef. Cut sushi on a cutting board to achieve the highest score within the allotted time. The game helps you entertain while playing

How to play

When playing games, you will press and move the computer mouse to control. You must cut as many pieces of sushi as possible within the allotted time. For each piece of sushi you hit, you will receive 1 point. Not only that, when playing, there will be bombs that appear randomly. If you hit them, you will lose 10 points. Therefore, you should focus on observing to get the most perfect cuts.

Tips and tricks

  • When playing, you will encounter bombs that appear randomly, so be careful not to cut them to avoid points being deducted
  • Play the game more to improve your sushi slashing skills. Helps you score more easily
  • Focus on your quick reflexes as the sushi flies across the cutting board to create perfect cuts

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