Slice A Lot

Slice A Lot is a great game about slicing. You control your knife so you can make the most perfect cuts and reach the finish line safely. The game will bring you an interesting and challenging feeling. Challenge you in levels, ask you to reach the finish line safely, and collect money to invest in new knives

How to play

In the game, you will click the computer mouse to control. When you start playing, your goal is to control the knife to cut cubes and overcome obstacles along the way. When controlling the knife, you need to calculate properly to be able to cut into shapes and overcome obstacles safely. If you let the knife cut into an obstacle or let the knife fall to the ground, you will lose. The game has many levels and the difficulty will gradually increase. So pay attention and be careful when controlling the knife. When playing, the more blocks you cut, the higher your score will be. You can use these points to buy different types of knives.

Tips and tricks

  • Focus on observation and quick reflexes to be able to control the knife the way you want and achieve the best results
  • Play the game more to improve your control skills to make cuts
  • Try to cut as many cubes as possible to help you earn more coins

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