Shoot Paint

Shoot Paint is a shooting game. Your task is to control the gun to shoot colored bullets and aim at the right target. If the fruit is completely covered with frost, you win. The game will help you relax and entertain in your free time. When playing, you need to calculate and plan your shots in the most effective way.

How to play the game

In the game, you need to press and move the mouse to control. Your job is to shoot the gun to cover all the paint on the target and you will win. Note that moving shields will appear before being attached. If you shoot them with this shield you will lose immediately. The game has many levels and the difficulty of the game will gradually increase so you need to be very careful.

Tips and tricks

  • Concentrate on observing and coming up with the best strategy to pass the level
  • Play more games to improve your shooting skills to perfection
  • When playing you need to shoot as accurately as possible to avoid shooting at moving rocks because it will kill you instantly.

 Game features

  • Vivid and eye-catching sound and graphics
  • The game has many levels for players to freely try
  • Experience a simple yet addictive game

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