Rescue Cut Rope

Rescue Cut Rope is a very good puzzle game. In the game, you have to observe carefully and think of ways to cut the string so that the ball can fall into the wooden bottles below. To win, you have to think and make sure that the rope cuts are perfect.

How to play

To play, you will press and move the mouse to control. When playing each level there will be different situations, you need to carefully observe the surrounding obstacles and think of ways to cut the rope so that the ball can hit the wooden bars to win. The game has many levels from easy to difficult for you to freely try. Note that at difficult levels you need to think carefully before cutting the rope.

Tips and tricks

  • Concentrate and observe carefully the obstacles that can cause difficulties, Think about the most perfect way to cut the rope
  • Play more games to improve your gaming skills
  • The difficulty of the game will gradually increase, so you need to pay attention when cutting the rope

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