Put The Fruit Together!

Put the fruit together! It's an interesting puzzle game. You need to drop fruits of the same type and touch each other to create a new type of fruit. Your goal is to score the highest score possible and create a watermelon. The game will require you to observe and think of the most reasonable way to drop fruit, score points, and avoid losing due to the box being full of fruit. This will be a game that will bring you a sense of excitement. flavor and excitement when exploring fruits

How to play

In the game, you will press and move the computer mouse to control the falling position of the fruit. When playing, you need to observe, solve puzzles, and choose the appropriate location to drop the fruit. When fruits of the same type touch each other, larger fruits will be created. Note that the box space is limited so you need to drop the fruit perfectly. Because if the fruit is full and spills out of the box, you will lose
Try to collect as much money as possible and try to create a watermelon. When playing, you can use your bonuses to buy support items. The boom fruit item will be used in case the fruit is full, you will use it to explode some fruit in the box to help you have more time while playing.

Tips and tricks

  • Think and solve puzzles to choose the most suitable fruit drop location to help create many new fruits and score a lot of points
  • Improve your playing skills by playing more games to gain more experience
  • Use items properly and at the right time to achieve the best results

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