OnPipe is an engaging slicing game. In this game, you will control a knife to cut through objects and avoid obstacles along the way. Your precision and control skills will be challenged to achieve the best results. The game offers a fast-paced, engaging experience that requires players to master slicing techniques.

Guide play

You will use the computer mouse to control the knife in the game. Cut objects with precision, ensuring each slice is clean and efficient, collecting as many objects as possible along the way. Avoid obstacles along the way, because colliding with them will cause you to lose immediately.

How to calculate points 

Scores are calculated based on the accuracy of each slice. Clean and precise cuts will result in higher scores, demonstrating your slicing skills.


  • The game has many levels from easy to difficult, allowing you to freely try.
  • Each new level will feature obstacles and objects that are harder to cut, creating increasingly complex challenges.
  • Each level brings a new and exciting experience for you to conquer.

Tips and tricks

  • Observe carefully and react quickly to every situation.
  • Improve your slicing skills for best results.
  • Be careful with obstacles and find the easiest way to overcome them.

OnPipe offers a dynamic slicing adventure that challenges you to slice through a variety of objects while navigating through obstacle-filled paths. Join the game now to experience this fun!

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