Nom Nom Yum

Nom Nom Yum is a puzzle game. In the game, there is a very cute birthday character named Nom Nom. It likes to eat pieces of sushi. Your mission is to cut the rope to eat that piece of sushi and you will win.

How to play

You click and move your computer mouse to control the cuts. When playing, you need to carefully observe the obstacles and the position of the sushi to think of a way to cut the rope to help Nom Nom eat the sushi. You not only need to collect objects while playing but also stars. It will rate your level of completion. The game has many levels from easy to difficult so you can try your hand.

Tips and tricks

  • Or focus and observe carefully and think about the best way to help him eat a piece of sushi
  • Play more games to improve your gaming skills
  • Try to collect the maximum number of stars because it will evaluate your playing skills at each level

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