Ninja Jellys

Ninja Jellys is an exciting jelly-slashing game. In this game, you will play the role of a ninja whose task is to cut blocks thrown on a cutting board. To get your score as high as possible. The jellies are shaped very cutely, creating a feeling of excitement for you when playing. Try to show off your cutting ability to get the highest score

How to play the game

When playing, you will press and move the mouse to control. You need to observe carefully and slash decisively when you see the target. The more jelly you cut, the higher your score. Note that when playing, there will be random bombs, you cannot cut them or you will lose points. There will be a time limit set when playing so you need to be very focused and avoid wasting time.

Tips and tricks

  • Concentrate on observing and making decisive cuts to score the most points possible
  • Play the game regularly to improve your cutting skills to perfection
  • When playing, random bombs will appear. You need to stay calm and observe to minimize hitting the bomb

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