Jewels Blitz 4

Jewels Blitz 4 is a game where you have to merge at least 3 gems of the same color to make them lose. At the same time, you must also complete tasks at each installation level. You must note that each level will have a limited number of stone transfers. If after the number of redirects, you have not completed the mission, you will lose

How to play the game

When playing the game, you control the stones by pressing and moving the computer mouse. You can fuse at least 3 stones of the same color or deal damage to 4 or up to 5 members. The more people use fusion stones, the more points you gain. When playing, you must pay attention to the mission and the number of transitions in each level. Because if you violate these 2 rules you will lose and the game will end.

Scores in the game are rated according to 3 stars, each star corresponds to average, good, good. If you have difficulty playing, use support products to pass the level more easily. Later on, the difficulty will increase, you need to be careful.

Tips and tricks

  • Think carefully before combining stones together. you have to make sure that it is the best choice when combining
  • When you have difficulty and can't find a way to play, use items to make it easier
  • Stay calm and stay out of the sun to avoid mistakes

Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels are there in the game?

The game has many suitable levels for you to try, and the difficulty increases. Therefore, it will create fun for you when playing

Is there a way to buy products in the game?

YOU must try to collect as many coins as possible. This money will help you buy more products for the next levels

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