Fruit Vs Knife

Fruit Vs Knife is an attractive knife-throwing game. In the game, you need to practice equipment and quick reflexes to be able to control the knife to hit the rotating target. If you hit all the knives required by the mission, you will win. The game has many levels for you to freely try.

How to play

When playing, you will click the computer mouse to control it. Each time you click, a knife will be thrown out. What you need to do is observe and press so that the knife hits the target. If you throw a knife and don't hit the target while playing, you will lose. Note that throwing knives later will be more difficult, you need to be very careful to avoid slipping into previously thrown knives. The game has many levels and the levels increase gradually so you need to be very careful.

Tips and tricks

  • Focus on observing quick reflexes to be able to throw the knife most accurately
  • Play more games to improve your knife skills
  • Power increases with level, so be careful before throwing knives

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