Throw Knife 3D

Knife Throwing 3D is an attractive knife throwing game. In the game, you will throw the knife accurately and hit the pole. You need to shoot all the stars in that column to win the game. You need to have good observation and quick reflexes to be able to throw knives as accurately as possible.

How to play

When playing, press the mouse to control the knife forward. In the game, you need to hit the column and are not allowed to hit the character. If it hits you, you will lose immediately. At the same time, you will have an opponent by your side, your task is to reach the finish line first to win.

Tips and tricks

  • Focus on observing quick reflexes to be able to throw the knife as accurately as possible to win
  • Pay attention to your opponents and try not to get too far ahead. Try to stay ahead or stay close to your opponents
  • Play more games to improve your skills

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