Slicing Game

Slicing Game is an attractive slicing game. In the game, you will have to use your slicing skills to slice the balls to score points and win when the game requires you to have quick reflexes and perform slicing accurately. This game promises to bring you an exciting and dynamic gaming experience

How to play

When playing, you will press and move the mouse to perform slicing. Please observe carefully the target and the direction the ball is moving to make the most accurate slice. There are 2 game modes
Popular style: in this mode, you will make slices so that you don't miss any balls. If you miss 3 times, you will lose. Not only will there be bombs that appear randomly when playing, but you have to watch very carefully and make accurate cuts because if you cut them, you will lose.
Relax mode: in this mode, you will slice to get the most pieces in the specified time. In this mode, you will play comfortably because there will be no challenges.

Tips and tricks

  • Train them to observe and react quickly to be able to make the most perfect slice
  • Play more games to improve your skills
  • Note the obstacles so you can easily win

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