Rolling Fall 2

Rolling Fall 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the zombie puzzle game. In a world filled with zombies hanging on chains, the player's goal is still to cut the chains at the right time to kill zombies and overcome challenging levels.

How to play

Precise Cutting: Success depends on precise wire cutting. Analyze zombie configuration and cut at the perfect time for maximum effect.

Time: Zombies move continuously, requiring players to have precise timing to make cuts.
Unlocks and progress:

New Stage: Each stage has its own challenges and zombie configurations. Defeat zombies to unlock new levels.
Increasing complexity: The following levels have increasing complexity with many new zombie types and diverse interactive elements, challenging the player's skills and strategic thinking.


  • Environmental Interaction: Explore interactive game elements to aid in killing zombies.
  • Experiment and adapt: ​​The game encourages testing different cutting sequences and adjusting strategies to conquer each level.

Fascinating zombie experience

  • Enhanced Visuals: Updated graphics and eerie atmosphere create a fresh and exciting gaming experience.
  • New Zombies: Each new type of zombie requires a unique approach, adding variety and excitement.

Rolling Fall 2 is not just a sequel, but an evolution of the zombie-killing phenomenon that has captivated players. With new levels, enhanced visuals and strategic mayhem, the game promises an even more thrilling and challenging experience. Hone your cutting skills, get ready to face new types of zombies, and enjoy the thrill of slaying the undead in this sequel!

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