Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is an extremely interesting rope-cutting puzzle that helps Om Nom eat candy. This is a time travel adaptation of the classic puzzle game Cut the Rope. The game is suitable for all ages, promising to bring you extremely attractive and interesting experiences.

How to play

Adventure through the ages: Choose an era and take on unique challenges from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.

Feed Om Nom and his friends: Use the rope-cutting mechanism to drop candies, feeding Om Nom and his friends. Consider the physics of each level to achieve the perfect cut.

Collect golden stars: Plan a strategy to guide candy into the stars, adding challenges and rewards for accuracy.

Find Hidden Treasures: Explore each level to find hidden treasures, unlock additional content, and enhance the gaming experience.


  • Unlock new stages: Complete levels and get high scores to unlock new eras, bringing new challenges and elements.
  • Intuitive controls: Swipe your finger to cut ropes, drop candies, and trigger chain reactions. Accessible controls for all skill levels.
  • Challenge problem-solving skills: Puzzles are designed to challenge and reward creativity and critical thinking.

Join the puzzle and let Om Nom eat candy and time travel now!

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