Slice Them All 3D

Slice Them All 3D is a very good action game, you will play the role of a warrior controlling a weapon, and try to cut through obstacles such as boxes, enemies, and booms to get to the finish line.

How to play the game

The player will control a gun knife or another weapon and has the ability to cut away obstacles such as objects, enemies, and booms. Your goal is to remove obstacles, if you let them touch you will lose. You need to really pay attention to be able to remove the dangers. The game has many levels from easy to difficult and increasing in complexity. You try your best to achieve the highest possible score in each level to complete a specific goal. Not only that, but after each level you can upgrade and improve your weapons to increase your strength

Game Reviews

  • The game has a simple gameplay and does not require many control skills
  • Attractive game, creating an interesting experience for players
  • Nice graphics, good sound app

Some notes when playing the game

  • You need to observe surrounding techniques to be able to destroy obstacles
  • Remember to choose and use appropriate weapons to destroy obstacles at different levels. Note that the higher the level, the more difficult it is
  • Don't worry too much, just focus on destroying the troops and be alert to your skills

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