Slice It Fair

Slice It Fair is a fun slicing game. You will need to observe and calculate carefully to be able to divide the weight into two equal parts as possible. If you divide the fruit incorrectly, you will lose.

How to play the game

In the game, you press and move the mouse to control. When playing, calculate how to cut 2 equal parts as possible. If the cuts are too far apart, you will lose. The game has many levels for you to try with different levels and the difficulty will gradually increase. Many types and types of fruits help you feel more excited when playing games.

Tips and tricks

  • Reason and observe carefully before cutting so that it can be divided into 2 equal parts as possible
  • Play more games to improve your skills
  • The difficulty will gradually increase with the level, so pay attention to get the highest score

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the game be played?

The gameplay is very simple and you control by clicking and moving the mouse, suitable for all ages.

How to get teleport points in the game?

What you need to do carefully is cut the fruit into 2 equal parts as possible.

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