Scribble Grass Cutter

Scribble Grass Cutter is a fun lawn cutting game where you use drawing strokes to cut the grass and reach the finish line. The game requires you to set your pace and compete with other players to climb the big hill and win. Plus, successfully mowing the lawn will provide food for your virtual pet, adding to the fun and satisfaction.

How to play

Train your intelligence: Draw powerful knife strokes to cut grass, and find the most effective strategy.

Speed ​​control: Adjust the speed by redrawing the knife edge as desired.

Compete with neighbors: Participate in lawn-cutting competitions with other players, and try to surpass them.

Get to the finish line first: Use strategy to get to the finish line before your opponents.


  • Enjoy virtual pet food: Successfully mowing the lawn will bring food to your virtual pet.
  • Customize your experience: Experiment with different patterns and mowing techniques.
  • Stress-free relaxation: Enter the world of stress reduction, and relaxation while mowing the lawn and taking care of virtual pets.

Scribble Grass Cutter brings moments of relaxation and fun. Join now and start your lawn-mowing adventure!

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