Rolling Fall

Rolling Fall is a fun Halloween-themed game that combines horror elements with strategic gameplay. In each level, the player will face zombies hanging on chains and must cut the chains at the right time to kill them and progress through the levels. The combination of puzzles and zombie killing provides a thrilling challenge, perfect for the Halloween season.

How to play

Controls: Use the mouse to control the game. Analyze each level to determine which chain needs to be cut.

Strategy: Time is key. Cut the chain at the perfect time to maximize efficiency and impact.

Levels: Each level has unique obstacles and zombie configurations, increasing in difficulty as you progress. New challenges and zombie types keep the game fresh.

Interactive Elements: Use items in the environment to kill zombies or change the sequence of events for a strategic advantage.

Game Features

  • Many challenging levels
  • Sharp graphics and vivid sound
  • Upgrade and customize freely

Rolling Fall offers an engaging experience for those looking for a game that is both festive and challenging. Come join and challenge your strategy skills now!

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