Rescue Disease

Rescue Disease is a puzzle game. In the game, you will have the task of rescuing the boy from bacteria. To destroy them, you will cut the wooden boards so that you can push the medicine box into the bacteria to kill them. You need to solve the puzzles that the game sets to win.

How to play

When playing, you will press and move the computer mouse to control. You need to observe carefully before cutting the wooden panels. Make sure your offer is the best that can help you win. When playing, try to collect keys to be able to open surprising gifts. The game has many levels from easy to difficult for you to freely try.

Tips and tricks

  • Think carefully before making the cut, to ensure you can rescue the boy and win
  • Playing more games improves your slicing skills
  • The game has many levels and increasing difficulty. You pay close attention to be able to successfully solve the puzzle and save the boy

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