Knife Storm

Knife Storm is an exciting knife throwing game where you must hit targets on the target to complete the mission and win. This game offers three different game modes, each promising a great mix of skill, thrill, and fruit-slicing satisfaction. Stay focused, control your virtual throwing arm, and get ready to conquer the challenges presented.

How to play

Controlling the game is very simple using a computer mouse. Knife Storm has three game modes for you to choose from, each mode brings many exciting and interesting experiences.

Classic Mode: Become a champion sword dancer! Successfully throw all the knives into the turntable or different fruit targets. Precision is key, avoid letting the blades touch each other. Each successful throw will bring you closer to victory, testing your aim and time.

Shooting Mode: Throw knives at the flying fruits but be careful of the bombs lurking between the targets. Time your throws wisely, avoid explosive obstacles and watch the clock to prove your speed and accuracy.

Ninja Mode: Show off the skills of a true ninja! Slice a series of flying fruits with your mouse, aim to slice in sync to earn high combo scores. However, be careful of bombs lurking in the game, one wrong cut can cause the game to end. Train your reflexes and timing to become the ultimate fruit cutting master.

Salient features

  • Diverse arsenal: Unlock a variety of unique knives, each with a unique design and throwing feel. Find the perfect blade and watch your score soar!
  • Single or Multiplayer Modes: Enjoy all three modes solo or challenge friends to knife throwing matches! Share the fun and see who reigns supreme in the Knife Storm arena.
  • Global Leaderboard: Climb the ranks and compete with players around the world to see who truly masters the Knife Storm. Become the pride of the community that loves fruit cutting games!

Don't wait any longer, join Knife Storm now to have great experiences!

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