Idle Lumberjack 3D

Idle LumberJack 3D is a wood chopping game. In the game, you will play the role of a lumberjack who cuts down lots of trees to sell wood and build a powerful empire of your own. You will have to think of ways and come up with strategies to cut down the most trees in a short time to optimize profits. The game will bring you exciting and fun experiences when playing

How to play

During the game you will press and control the computer mouse to control the character. When you start playing, you will enter a dense forest. You will control the character to cut down trees for wood. To be able to cut more bricks, you can use items as support. When you collect enough wood, you will sell the wood you have collected so you can upgrade your ax or some other facilities, to help collect wood more effectively. Each type of tree in the gane has different characteristics. Later on, the tree will upgrade more and more, taking more time for you to cut it, so upgrade your equipment to help cut trees effectively. than. However, the more wood you get, the more wood you will get.

Tips and tricks

  • Cut down trees precisely to sell wood strategically and conquer magical golden trees
  • Improve your gaming skills by playing more games
  • Upgrade equipment appropriately to help your wood exploitation be most effective

Use your sharp ax with all your might and enjoy the lumberjack adventure that awaits in Idle LumberJack 3D.

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