Hit Master 3D Knife Assassin

Hit Master 3D Knife Assassin is an attractive role-playing game. In the game, you will play the main character whose mission is to destroy enemies. To destroy all enemies you need to throw sharp iron knives. Requires you to throw knives accurately to destroy them all.

How to play the game

When playing the game, you will press and move the mouse to control. Each level will have a certain number of enemies. You need to destroy them all to win. Try to control and throw the knife as accurately as possible. If you let the enemy get close and have a chance to attack, you will lose. The game has many levels and increasing difficulty. Therefore, you need to be very careful to be able to think of a way to safely destroy the enemy.

Tips and tricks

  • Concentrate on observing and thinking about how to destroy the enemy. Note that you should pay attention to the items around the boom... to be able to destroy enemies more easily
  • Play more games to improve your knife-throwing skills
  • The difficulty of the game will gradually increase, so you need to pay attention to finding an easier way to reach the finish line

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