Hero 5 Katana Slice

Hero 5 Katana Slice is an attractive role-playing game. In the game you will play a ninja character, possessing extraordinary abilities. Use that power to destroy enemies with bad intentions. You will win if you destroy all enemies as required by each mission

How to play the game

When playing, you will have tasks that need to be performed such as destroying all enemies to win. You need to pay attention to your blood amount because it is limited. If you run out of health, you will lose. Focus on observing quick movements and have specific strategies to minimize blood loss. The game has many levels from easy to difficult, you can try

Character control:

Left mouse button (hold) - Claw strike
Right mouse button - Throw on target
Press the mouse wheel - Circular kick
F- Grab the enemy
Left mouse button - Throw a captured enemy
Mouse - Look around
WASD - Movement
Space - Jump
Shift - Run

Tips into tricks

  • Observe and analyze enemies and their positions so that you can come up with the most effective moves to destroy enemies and avoid losing too much blood.
  • Play more games to improve your skills
  • The difficulty of the game will gradually increase, so be careful before acting to avoid making mistakes

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