Grass Cut Master

Grass Cut Master is a fun control game. Your mission is to play the role of a professional lawn mower with modern machinery. During the specified game time, you will cut grass and sell it for money. While playing you can use the money you earn to upgrade your lawn mower.

How to play

You will use the computer mouse to control the direction of the vehicle as you wish. This collection will take place within a certain period of time. You will control the lawnmower, and when there are enough, you will transport them to sell to buyers to earn money. When you have enough money, you will upgrade the vehicle such as travel length, travel speed, and increase resistance to get the most money. Note that when driving the car, you must be very careful. If it falls into the water, you will lose. Try to mow as fast as possible because time is limited and if you can't cut all the grass, you will lose.

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