Fruit Ninja Hero

Fruit Ninja Hero is an exciting fruit cutting game where you play as a ninja hero who uses a slingshot to cut through fruits to score points and win. The game brings a fun and engaging experience for everyone to play.

How to play 

You start by aiming the slingshot in the desired direction, measuring the trajectory, and releasing it to send the green ninja flying toward the fruit. While the ninja hero flies through the air, tap or swipe the screen to cut the fruit. Accuracy and timing are important to get high scores and progress further in the levels.

Be careful with enemies like spiders and snakes, colliding with them can cause you to lose a life or reduce points. Always be alert and quickly avoid these obstacles.

Throughout the game, pay attention to power-ups and bonuses to upgrade your abilities, increase your score, or even gain temporary invincibility, aiding you in your journey to becoming the ultimate ninja hero.

Salient features

  • Many challenging levels
  • Sharp graphics and sound
  • Upgrade and customize freely

Fruit Ninja Hero combines reflexes, strategy, and quick thinking, providing a fun and engaging experience. Join now to become the ultimate fruit-cutting ninja hero!

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