Fruit Blade

Fruit Blade is an attractive fruit-slashing game. Your task is to slash the fruits floating on the screen to achieve the highest score. When playing the game, you need to pay attention to the bombs that appear randomly because they can cause you to end the game immediately.

How to play the game

You will play the character and slash the fruit floating on the screen. When playing, you control by using the mouse to slash the fruit. You will hold down and move the mouse to make precise slices, cutting through fast-flying fruits.

When playing, every time you slash a fruit you will get 1 point, but please note that when playing, there will be bombs that appear randomly. If you slash it, you will be deducted 10 points from the total score you have. Yes and if your score is less than 10 points then you will lose.

Game reviews

  • Simple, easy-to-play game suitable for all audiences from children to adults
  • Beautiful graphics create a lively and attractive game space
  • Cutting and painting the boom creates an interesting feeling for players.

Notes when playing the game

  • Focus and have quick reflexes to be ready to react quickly when the balls appear, and avoid bombs that appear randomly during the game.
  •  Be careful with bombs because they can reduce the score or end the game immediately
  • Calm down and don't worry too much about scores, instead focus on improving your skills.

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