Chop Slices

Chop Slices game is an attractive vegetable-cutting game. Your goal is to cut the most vegetables within the time limit on each level

How to play instructions

In each level, you will take on the role of a chef and slice the most types of tubers within the time limit. As you complete missions you will be promoted, note that the higher the level, the more difficult it is. At each level, cutting boards will appear in random numbers. If you cut into them, you will have a higher price than the time or you will lose immediately.

Tips and tricks

  • When playing, practice together and calmly make the most accurate cuts
  • You must note that when playing, cutting boards will appear randomly to avoid wasting time or losing
  • When cutting vegetables, try not to throw them away because it will make it simpler for you

Game review

  • The game's graphics are very eye-catching and bright, creating a fun and interesting playing space
  • Cutting vegetables creates an interesting feeling for players
  • Simple, easy-to-play game suitable for all audiences

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