ASMR Slicing

Slice every object into pieces in the ASMR Slicing game - the best cutting game with fantastic ASMR sounds ever!

How to play ASMR Slicing

ASMR Slicing is a slicing game in which players must cut different kinds of items into pieces with their knives. At the same time, players can also enjoy the relaxing sounds that the game offers. 

Let's start!

Use your left mouse button to make a cut. There is a wide selection of objects from fruits like apples, and strawberries, to vegetables, and many other objects. The game puts your patience as well as cutting skills to the test. Try to cut fruits into small pieces before they fall into the blender and create delicious juice!

As you cut any object with your knife. Watch out for gravity because these pieces will fall into sharp blades. 

As you slice, you can enjoy the symphony of ASMR-inducing sounds and visuals.

Game Features

  • ASMR sounds
  • Great design
  • Simple gameplay
  • Various levels to play

ASMR Slicing game brings a unique form of relaxation for players. It features simple gameplay but fantastic sounds for those who are searching for a moment of tranquility through games. Start cutting and enjoy the game!

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